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There Are Temperature Type, Linen Is Not Only The Summer Election.
- Jan 05, 2018 -

Precious flax fiber, has been a high-grade fabric used in apparel and bedding, curtains, napkins, sofa finishes and other home textiles, low-key practical, green is a true portrayal of natural linen. In fact, linen is not only the preferred spring and summer fabrics, autumn and winter season, comfortable linen is also very easy to use.

Flax just right fold, not too slippery and not astringent, while retaining the natural characteristics at the same time, more soft and skin-friendly, desireless sense of detachment, people do not want to cents do not work.

Because of the positive and negative charge balance of linen, effectively prevent static electricity, and does not absorb the dust, more health and hygiene, can eliminate the human body to carry the static electricity, for the always keep high spirited state escort.

Flax fiber can resist the growth of bacteria, insects and moth-eaten, especially in the cold and humid environment, with linen products can care skin care, it is very dependent.

Flax thermal performance is excellent, in the cold winter night, the body must also discharge sweat and some odor, linen bedding can be promptly discharged, will not let the moisture in the quilt solidified into water droplets, fresh, Warm and comfortable experience, escort for a sweet sleep.

The real happiness is to enjoy life according to their own heart, simple and close to natural linen touch and color, steady elegance and wild, so that the body under the care of pure natural materials, personal qualities set off a higher level.

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