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Summer Clothes To Cool And Healthy
- Jan 05, 2018 -

Summer wear clothes naturally want to wear cool and healthy, therefore, the choice of material is very important.

China Textile Research Institute senior engineer Weng Xiaoming: In general, silk, cotton, linen and other natural fibers, are the best summer clothing. Among them, silky silk has the best skin-friendly, high-end clothes are made of silk, both comfortable and beautiful.

Cotton, linen in the quality, there are many levels, their sources of raw materials even if the same, if the yarn twist, weaving different, can affect the texture of the clothes.

The development of modern textile technology not only makes natural fiber the darling of the summer, some improved chemical fiber materials have also changed the past airtight, hot, breathable, hygroscopic, perspiration than silk, linen, cotton less. Most importantly, these synthetic fibers not only wear hot, but also thrown into the washing machine clean, easy to save and not deformed.

Flax, one of the most important raw materials in apparel, has been highly praised by consumers for thousands of years and is also known for its excellent quality of being close to nature, environmental protection and health. Rooted in its own higher green medicinal and environmental health value, the blood of the millennium civilization, the integration of cutting-edge technology, the achievement of international brand value of linen apparel. To create the needs of various levels of domestic linen clothing, fully meet the domestic and foreign consumers. With the linen clothing in every household, healthy, natural, harmonious, comfortable achievements of "so that flax into the homes of ordinary people," Ma Yi Square, represented by linen culture concept is also widely circulated.

So, how to determine what is the fabric to buy clothes? In fact, very simple, mainly to see the ingredients marked. No component of the label or mark does not match the clothes are not considered. Needless to say if there is a label, silk, linen, cotton need to say, in order to distinguish the new synthetic fibers, you need to remember that several terms, new solvent method fiber, Tencel, regenerated cellulose fiber, these are improved Chemical fiber, made of breathable clothing extremely strong.

In addition, from the appearance and structure of the fabric, the thinner the fabric with the larger pores is, the cooler the fabric is. However, some elastic fibers, such as chemical fiber plus spandex, have the characteristics of lightness and thinness. However, since it is an unmodified chemical fiber, Breathability is poor, a sweat clothes will stick to the body, should pay attention to identify when buying.

In order to wear a cool summer, but also must take into account the clothes inside the "suction" and "blast" effect, clothes to do more relaxed, especially collar, sleeves, legs and other openings to do more open, jeans and tights Not suitable for summer wear. Flare skirts, dresses move around to produce a larger blast, and thus wear a suit cooler than the suit skirts.

Some people think that the less wear the cooler, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. Studies have shown that the shirtless can only increase skin radiation when the skin temperature is higher than the ambient temperature, conduction heat dissipation, and summer heat, the temperature is generally close to or over 37 ℃, the skin not only can not heat, but will be absorbed from the external environment Heat, so playing shirtless will feel hotter.