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Origins Of Hemp Worship
- Jan 05, 2018 -

Ancient and modern at home and abroad, has a long history of hemp worship, linen is simply a divinely impotent plant.
In ancient times, people combined the attraction of hemp and magic. From ancient times, the priest, the wizard, and later the cultural inheritance of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, and even religion in the Arab world, European and American religions, both regard hemp as a sacred object to be sacrificed, but also as a sacred object on their own, And purify their body, purify the soul and bathing together, said the greatest devotion and worship.

Linen became a totem and became a sacred object. For thousands of years, it became the most sacred offering to heaven and earth and the ancestors of the ancestor worship of Mozambique. Ma to white, clean, masculine, righteous, old, become a hundred non-invasions of sacred objects and sacred auspicious carrier.

In secular earth, ancient Roman times, the great Caesar was wearing white linen clothes when he held the democratic conference with the elders. When he held a major conference in the senate, he and the elders were draped Mai in the formulation of major military strategy; in China, Han Dynasty ancestral statues of clothes with linen, gold luan temple hundreds of officers and men to the deep clothing, Western clothing to Mawangdui, and even the Japanese traditional costumes, Korean national dress, and even Arab headscarf, all traces of linen left.

In divine height, Islamic robe, Christian Bible, holy robe and so on, are not all sacred fine linen, Egyptian Pharaoh costumes, as well as China, Taoist priest's clothes hats are used linen, The dress with linen, phase life classic with "linen book", as well as give longevity fairy "Magu." The most incredible is that: the ancient and modern Chinese witchcraft, mage and more use of magic as a weapon to reduce the evil to catch monsters, and even the sacrificial sacrificial use of the Arab headscarves, Islamic robe, the Holy Bible Bible, robes, etc., are not all sacred fine linen Fabric.