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Hemp Clothing Common Sense
- Jan 05, 2018 -

Hemp clothing's tailoring
Hemp clothing in the structure suitable for a straight line of the dividing line or contour line, due to its drape poor performance, should avoid the use of pleated or made of open dress or is given a bloated impression. Due to the poor elasticity of linen fabric, should not be tight-fitting or large amount of structural design. Hemp fabric shrinkage larger (similar to the dye and dye cotton), before cutting to be immersed in water shrink, ironing temperature is relatively high (180-200 ℃). For the surface of thick stripes of linen fabrics, cutting should be aligned to make it symmetrical appearance, flax fiber breaking strength, should be used long and sharp sharp needle, sewing fastness of the sewing. Linen wrinkle resistance, wear resistance are poor, easy to wear in the crease, can increase the line, double Ming line for decoration and increase the area subject to wear and tear.

Hemp clothing wear
Bast clothing wear point is wear time not too long, should Qinqin wash. Summer wear personal clothing, such as not frequently change, easy to make the fabric surface "knot" yellow hard to wash. Regular wash can overcome the fatigue of linen fabric, make clothes easy to wear parts extend life expectancy. Second, it is best not to wear woven linen casual sleep lying on the bed, because linen fabric easy to wrinkle, especially after the pressure is not easy to restore the wrinkles, affecting the appearance.

Hemp clothing drying
The linen washing requirements are basically the same as for cotton, but the soaking time should not be too long. Because hemp fibers are generally more rigid, poor cohesion, should be gently rubbed, should not be strong rub rub the board, avoid using a hard brush to brush, so as to avoid fluffy, ramie clothing should pay attention to, or fluffy and then wear will feel Itch discomfort. After rinsing can not be forced to squeeze or dehydration, to prevent hemp fiber slip, affect the appearance and durability. Cool the sun, the collar and seams should be flattened clothes, etc., can be cool in the sun, but do not expose or for too long, to prevent fading. Linen stains with various stains, remove the same method with the same cotton fabric, linen linen, but if there is a slight burn, use a piece of lemon wipe and then placed in the sun for a while to eliminate.

Hemp clothing collection
Hemp clothing can be stored folded collection, but be sure to fold flat, creases have rules, it is best to fold the original fold when packaged according to the goods. If it is linen suits and other suits, hangers should be hung in the closet in order to maintain the clothes crisp. If the long-term storage of hemp clothing, wardrobe must be dry to prevent moisture absorption of the linen clothing mildew mildew.

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