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2017 Five Popular International Textile Trends
- Jan 05, 2018 -

This is an era full of change. The level of science and technology is changing with each passing day. Intelligence and technology are clearly the direction of reform for the textile industry in the future. As a textile enterprise, speeding up its own pace of knowledge updating, the first time to master the latest textile technology, continuous reform, before they can get ahead in the increasingly fierce competition in an invincible position. With the development of textile industry, textile technology continues to form a new trend of development. Some experts believe that the current international popular textile technology can be summarized as the following aspects:

Process Application Computerization
Modern information control technology based on electronic computer has infiltrated all fields of textile and clothing. The global textile industry generally adopts electronic and computer program control. From market information to product design, color and fabric structure design, the electronic computer can be found in the production and management fields of spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing. . The use of computer industry monitoring and production aids, can achieve small quantities, more varieties of market demand, enhance product competitiveness, to maximize economic efficiency. According to reports, 70% of European garment enterprises using CAD (electronic computer-aided design) system, Japan's weaving enterprises CAD system coverage is up to 80%.

Textile Machinery Mechatronics
Experts summed up the development trend of textile machinery technology as: high-speed high-yield, high quality and efficiency is still the pursuit of textile machinery development goals; efforts to expand the mechanical properties of the market to adapt to the changing needs of textiles; electronic technology continues to expand the scope of application, the level of Improve, save energy and environmental protection get more attention.
At present, the integration of mechatronics has become the trend of the development of international textile machinery. According to reports, almost all foreign jacquard machines and large circular machines have been installed electronic jacquard device, the use of grain CAD system to trial production chuck, changing the original mechanical method.

Textile technology complex
Textile technology is mainly reflected in the compound: First, chemical fiber composite technology and processing technology; the second is the natural fiber mixed with each other and interweave, as well as natural fibers and various chemical fibers blend interwoven and product and processing technology; third is more Laminated composite technology, including the organizational structure of composite, adhesive composite, coating and so on. A variety of natural and chemical fibers have their own advantages and disadvantages, through a variety of fiber composite technology can give full play to the excellent properties of various fibers to improve fabric performance. Textile and apparel fabrics are now often seen more than three kinds of blended and interwoven fiber blends, and some even reached five or six kinds of fiber blends and interweave, such fabrics in the market worth.

Dyeing and Finishing Technology Modernization
Due to the extensive use of electronic computers for product design and the use of computer color measurement and color separation of the computer and other processes, printing and dyeing finishing quality can be greatly improved.
At present, the international textile industry has developed rapidly in the field of ecological dyeing and finishing technology. The dyeing and finishing materials have the characteristics of short process and no pollution. Printing and dyeing has widely adopted technologies such as anhydrous processing technology, no-plate printing technology and low-temperature plasma treatment, Compound system and advanced technology of printing and dyeing technology makes printing and dyeing finishing process shorter, higher production efficiency, better product performance.

High-tech textile products
Since the 1980s, the proportion of high-tech textiles in the entire textile market has been on the rise. Statistics show that in the recent five years, the market share of hi-tech textiles in developed countries more than doubled. In the European textile market, high-tech textile market share has reached 40%.
At present, high-tech textiles are mainly high-performance chemical fibers, high-tech industrial textiles, special medical and health textiles, etc. These high-tech textiles are widely used in national defense, aerospace, water conservancy, automobile manufacturing, medical treatment, agriculture, etc. At the same time, the field of textile technology put forward higher requirements.