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Ma in the treasure rain dew Ma
- Jan 05, 2018 -

Rain hemp is a type of linen, which grows in different places, rain hemp mainly grows in the northern cold; is the mature flax seedlings after harvest into a bundle, placed in the field field, after dew wind and frost stick center wooden decay, suppression Carding get gray skin bast fiber

Why do you choose rain Lu Ma:
Rain and linen (linen) Dimensional stability, high strength, moisture and corrosion Not easy to mold Not easy to embrittlement Save lasting, elongation is very small, but under sustained stress less sustained, is very suitable canvas material, used to be Hemp rope is the truth.

Color: gray or dark gray.
Save time: a few hundred years or more, even thousands of years is not bad.
Tensile: Tensile, impact resistance, not easy to change, cotton or chemical fiber cloth can not be replaced.