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Linen material home cleaning tips
- Jan 05, 2018 -

Linen fabrics are popular with the public for their strong water and air permeability and are used to produce various products such as bath towels, bed sheets, clothing, bandages and upholstery. Linen fabrics, regardless of the type of furniture are take, but need regular maintenance to maintain its appearance. Regularly clean your linen home, let them shine forever!

Basic principles of cleaning linen materials at home
First, refer to the linen washings on the linen home to determine if they should be dry cleaned or machine washed. If you do not have the standard, or if you have any reservations about the standard - do not hesitate to ask a professional linen cushion cleaner to do the job. He or she will surely know what to do, whether it is dry cleaning, steam cleaning, or hand washing.

A small amount of stains
If the linen fabric has only a few stains on the surface, you want to clean it yourself and you can clean it with warm water by tapping it with a damp cloth.

Tea stains and coffee stains dealt with
If you want to deal with tea stains or coffee stains, you can use glycerol to clean. Glycerol drops in the stains, soak for a few minutes with warm water can be washed.

Powder and lipstick stains treatment
To remove powder or lipstick stains, you can use ether or alcohol pat dirty place rinse with warm water.

Oil treatment
Another stain often found on linen homes is oil stains. Oil can be a small amount of gasoline or trichlorethylene to deal with, they will be painted on the grease brush clean, and then thoroughly washed with water and then dried.

Thoroughly clean the linen home
If you need to thoroughly clean your linen home textiles, choose hand or machine wash. For pre-washed linen home textiles (prewash does not shrink home textiles), you can use hot water to wash light-colored home textiles, including white, wash dark-colored home textile with cold water. You can wash them with a mild detergent diluted with warm water. It is important to note that you should rinse well without leaving any residue on the lotion.

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