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Green healthy linen fabric
- Jan 05, 2018 -

Linen fabric with a temperature control, anti-allergy, anti-static, anti-bacterial function, linen is hygroscopic and can absorb 20 times its own weight of water, so linen feel dry, and now, wrinkle-free, The advent of the birth and blending of products, linen products to further expand the market.

In the international arena, flax weaving are mostly gripper looms and rapier looms, including fine and elegant linen handkerchiefs, shirts, crepes, fancy yarn products, sportswear and blends of blends. Household products include: curtains, wall coverings, tablecloths, bedding and more. Industrial products include: canvas, luggage tents, insulating cloth, filter cloth and aviation products.

Linen can be interwoven or blended with wool, polyester and other fibers to form unique and inexpensive textile products.

Woolen interlacing cool fabric: Flax fiber and woolen textile is to achieve a new lightweight wool fabric, cool way. Due to the difference in fineness, elasticity, elongation and curling between wool fiber and flax fiber, the process of blending is hard to control. For example, the flying and wrapping rollers are serious, Consumption, low spinning count, and now often use wool and linen interweave, the formation of wool Jingwei plain weave product, due to the double Jingwei structure, the fabric thin and smooth, and flat and fast. The warp density of this marijuana product tends to be greater than the density of weft yarns that are formed by stiffened flax yarn, and most of the warp yarns appear as gross fibers, so the finishing is focused on the woolen fibers. Woolen interlacing cool fabric combines the advantages of wool and linen, and then take the field have a good market.

Flax fiber nonwovens Composites: Flax fiber nonwovens / unsaturated polyester composites can be made by vacuum assisted resin transfer molding (RTM). Because flax is cheaper and less dense than all inorganic fibers, the elasticity Modulus and tensile strength similar to inorganic fibers, glass fiber can be partially replaced in the composite material as a reinforcing material, flax fiber compared with glass fiber and carbon fiber, the fiber is soft, by its appropriate degumming treatment, choose reasonable , The acupuncture processing method can produce the quantitative and fluffy non-woven reinforced fiber mat which meets the requirements, meanwhile, the fiber damage is small and the thickening effect is good. As the reinforcing material, the utility model has the advantages of short production flow, no need of weaving and processing Low cost, etc., is conducive to energy conservation, and environmental protection.