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Flax purity identification
- Jan 05, 2018 -

At present, some manufacturers on the market to reduce costs and make up for the lack of production technology, extensive use of viscose fiber (rayon) instead of flax fiber, and some use of chemical fiber, black heart cotton cheat consumers. Although the appearance of such products flat and bright, but no flax itself. This product is actually a trauma to consumers. So, how to identify its authenticity?

1, visual method
Excellent pure linen, clear and dense natural lines, strong resistance to pull, soft natural fabric surface gloss, chemical fiber is too shiny.

2, observation method
Light exposure flax knitwear, you can see the clouds, and sometimes can find a small amount of hemp particles. This is the biggest symbol of linen.

3, hand touch method
Pure linen feel cool, with a sense of vertical, slightly wrinkled force grip.

4, burning method
Take a little linen yarn, burning it, if burning paper, and delicate gray white ash. Then proved to be linen fabric; chemical fiber fabrics are generally burning irritating odor, the ball was ember.