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Behind the nice linen, have their own little secret ironing
- Jan 05, 2018 -

Linen care, in daily life plays a role that can not be ignored, whether the more use of a little bit of mind, so that your linen presented visual effects have unexpected differences. Different linen have different ironing methods, a little detail, allowing them to maintain the original one hundred fashion faces.

Ironing steps should be placed on the long-term storage, proper ironing, to reduce the deformation of the fabric, linen products easier to store. And ironing can also play a part of the role of cleaning, to improve the appearance and feel of linen, neatly placed in the closet, good-looking incredible.

When ironing linen, replace the tap water with distilled water and fill the jar. When ironing linen fabric, a lot of steam is essential to effectively protect the fabric texture from overheating; more water, the iron is also easier to press.

When ironing the front side of the linen, ironing the back first, then turn over, gentle, fast iron the other side. Ironing the front, or ironing the front too long, will be low-key, expensive expensive linen ironing "shiny"

Before ironing, take a look at the linen fabric structure. Advanced or vintage linen, to avoid direct ironing its delicate parts, such as carved embroidery, lace, embroidery, shuttle and so on. High-temperature iron soleplate can easily stick to cause damage, and even once burned, especially when the delicate pieces of synthetic fibers.

Different linen products with different methods of ironing.
Iron linen handkerchiefs, napkins placemats, small pieces of decorative cloth and other small items, flat ironing, ironing the crease above.
Iron linen tablecloths, bedspreads, quilts and other large, ironed out from the center, turn the linen while ironing until the whole linen is ironed.
The use of linen shrinkage, appropriate changes in the degree of ironing and the direction, you can create the shape of the fabric you want, of course, in a proper way, without damaging the fabric under the premise.